Five Tips for Choosing Cat Boarding for Cats Who Are Not Spayed or Neutered

If your cat is not spayed or neutered because you plan to breed them or for any other reason, you need to choose your cat boarding facility carefully. Wondering what type of cattery your pet needs if you're going on holiday? Take a look at these ideas:

1. Find a cat boarding facility that welcomes un-neutered cats.

Keep in mind that not all cat boarding facilities may be welcome to un-neutered or un-spayed cats. Before taking your cat to a cattery, call and make sure the facility welcomes cats that have not been spayed or neutered. Additionally, if you have a female cat and you know her general rhythm, you may want to try to schedule her stay when she is not in heat -- still notify the facility that she is not spayed, but just schedule her stay when she is not in heat so she is more comfortable.  

2. Look for a cat boarding place that offers a lot of comfortable amenities. 

If you have a female cat who is in heat, she may be uncomfortable during the process, and in addition, she may want to rub against soft things. To ensure your cat is more comfortable, look for a facility that offers a lot of comfortable amenities. For example, kennels with heated floors and soft bedding may appeal to your cat. Similarly, a male cat who has not been neutered may just want to run away and breed. However, a few comforts can also make him feel less restrained and more comfortable.

3. Be cautious about group play time.

Many cat boarding facilities offer group play time, and for most cats, this is a fun perk. However, if your cat is not spayed or neutered, they may not be an ideal candidate for playtime. Un-neutered males may be a bit aggressive to hang out with other cats, and with un-neutered females, you risk them getting pregnant if any of the other cats are not neutered.

4. Insist on individual playtime or attention.

Although you may not want group playtimes, you still don't want your feline to be lonely whilst you are on holiday. To that end, look for a facility where the staff engages with the pets. Ideally, the engagement should be a daily playtime, possibly in a space set up like a home. 

5. Talk with the cattery about health warranties.

In some cases, cat boarding facilities offer health warranties. These warranties cover any costs you may incur if your cat gets ill whilst in the facility's care. If the facility has a place like this, make sure they can cover costs related to accidental pregnancies or herpes.  

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