Four DIY Toys to Distract Your Dog as He Gets Washed and Groomed

If your pup resists sitting still for grooming, it might be better to do the task at home, where your dog likely feels more relaxed. Additionally, you may want to give your pup a puzzle to distract him while the mobile groomers work on him. Luckily, you can easily make your own distraction toys. Check out these ideas:

1. A Jolly Jug of Joy

To keep your dog entertained and busy while he's being sprayed down by the groomer, try making a plastic waterproof toy. Simply rinse out an old plastic milk or juice jug. Then, put a bit of puppy food in it or a bone. Pop back on the lid, and let your puppy chew to his heart's content.

Typically, the amount of time it takes to get through a jug will be ample time for a bath.

2. Muffin Tins of Treats

To keep your dog in the same place for a while as he's being combed or shorn, a muffin tin can help. Fill an old muffin tin with hard treats or pieces of dog food. Then, put a tennis ball over each cup of the tray.

The challenge of moving a dozen balls to reach a few treats should keep your pup virtually locked in place.

3. PVC Pipes for Pooches

Another relatively waterproof option to keep your dog calm and distracted during a shower is a PVC pipe full of snacks. Buy a length of PVC pipe and a couple of end pieces. Cut the PVC pipe so it is about the length of a bone. Then, fill it with dog food or something like peanut butter.

Put on the end caps and drill some holes in the side. It will take even a very active dog quite a while to chew through this concoction.

4. Cardboard Chews

If you have a small dog and you think the PVC pipe is too challenging for him, you can make a small puzzle or distraction toy with the cardboard roll from your used toilet paper or paper towels.

Fill the roll with dog food, or even consider spreading bone marrow inside the roll. Then, fold over the edges a few times to keep it tight. These cardboard chews aren't great for bath time, but they can help to keep a dog in place as he gets groomed.

For more ideas on how to keep your dog still and quiet druing grooming, talk with a dog groomer, like those at Foxy's Mobile Dog Washing & Grooming Service.

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