Pregnancy and Pest Control: Five Tips to Guide You Toward Health and Safety

When you are pregnant, you begin to look at everything in a new light. Instead of just living as usual, you have to be constantly vigilant that your activities and environment are not going to hurt your developing baby. In light of those concerns, here is what you need to consider about pest control:

1. Do not panic

There are a few studies that link exposure to pesticides to issues such as autism. However, these studies do not link exposure to a few sprays of ant killer to autism. Rather, the autism connection is based on repeated and prolonged exposure to pesticides, and these effects are almost exclusively present in people who live in or very near to agricultural areas.

In most cases, with routine pest control around the home, you don't need to worry or panic.

2. Be extra cautious during the first trimester

The first trimester is when your baby's brain and nervous system are forming, and although you shouldn't panic, this is the trimester where you should exercise the greatest caution. During this time, limit your exposure to pesticides as much as possible.

3. Turn to organic gardening

If you use a lot of pesticides in your home gardening routine, consider stopping that. Instead of spraying your plants with toxins, explore natural insecticides or make your own with a bit of water, garlic, pepper and dish soap.

4. Hire natural pest control specialists

Unfortunately, in some cases, home remedies are not strong enough to stop a pest invasion, especially if you are trying to deal with cockroaches, ants, mice or other pests in your house. Although it is relatively safe to control these populations on your own using chemical sprays, you should err on the side of caution and outsource this task.

While you can certainly hire a conventional pest control specialist, you can also look for one like All Seasons Carpet Cleaning & Pest Management that uses more environmentally-friendly techniques. This can include non-toxic sprays, temperature control methods or traps.

5. Plan to mitigate the risks of mosquito spraying

You don't' just have to be concerned about the use of pesticides in your home and your yard. You also have to think about the pesticides used by others. In particular, if you live in an area where large trucks drive around spraying for mosquitoes, you need to make a plan to mitigate those toxins.

Throughout your pregnancy, stay informed of the council's spraying schedule and during scheduled spraying times, close your windows and turn off your AC so it doesn't bring in air from the outside.

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